CONSTRUCT (con·struct | \ kən-ˈstrəkt) verb : to make or create (something, such as a story or theory) by organizing ideas, words, etc.

Back in 2016, three friends came together with a few ideas. One of them was to start filming & creating mesmerizing stock visuals that could be used in a variety of ways. While the concept of stock footage & visual media licensing is far from new, we still noticed some gaps in the various creative & entertainment industries we have worked in for years. We all shared a similar vision for a few styles of visual media that can be difficult to find online – styles that, though aren’t original, are rare in our line of work. So we decided to do something about it.

In the midst of our own freelance projects & events, we started booking flights & carving out time in our busy schedules to go & create. We started charging our camera batteries & researching interesting places to go. We experimented. We failed. We tried again. All the while learning how to work together & learning what each of our own unique skills & gifts were. We challenged each other & our creative processes. And we have become better artists & friends because of it.

One of the ideas we’ve had in this creative endeavor has been to create long-play scenes of nature that show off the artistry of our blue planet. We want to create mesmerizing visuals that can help support storytellers & illuminate spaces curated by experience designers & projection artists. After all, these are the worlds we work in… so in a sense, we were simply wanting to create these visuals for ourselves. And so we did. So for the last few years, in-between all of our client-based projects & events, we have been filming, editing, color-grading, exporting, & testing these visuals in our own worlds. And we’ve been really pleased with the results so far!

This stock visuals/media store is a by-product of this creative endeavor. We have carefully sifted through our massive library of content to provide you with the visuals that excite us the most. While our clips & loops can be applied in all kinds of situations, we specifically & intentionally curated this collection for use in art films, lyric videos, & immersive projection for live events, church services, liturgies, installations, & experiences. And as we continue to travel & create, we’ll be uploading new visuals on this site along the way.




Ryan Mclemore

Nashville, TN

Ryan was born in South Carolina, & moved with his family to Istanbul, Turkey at the age of 10. He lived in Istanbul for almost 8 years & attended an international school until he moved back to the US. This unique life experience is one of the reasons Ryan has such an adventurous & independent spirit.

Most everything Ryan knows has been self-taught, & he is always pushing himself to the limits so that his art & client-work has an edge he can be proud of. His speciality is in photography, videography & expensive drones. This has opened the doors to a wide variety of client-work, including touring with rock bands & rappers, DP-ing music videos, visually cataloging premium real estate (including luxury yachts), documenting humanitarian aide in Africa, & chasing crazy couples on The Amazing Race. When he’s not on the road or editing some “urgent” project for 72hrs straight, you can find Ryan on the streets of East Nashville riding his motorcycle, in his garage working on his vintage pickup truck, or out in the woods with his dog Banjo building his dream cabin.

Because of his adventurous independence, Ryan likes to take life off the beaten path. His off-road mentality drives him past all the crowds & towards the road less traveled, all in hopes of discovering isolated scenes that haven’t been Instagrammed to death by a thousand tourists in the last 24 hours. And for that we are grateful.

You can see some of Ryan’s work & tattoos on his Instagram account.

P.S. Ryan is also quite the cook, but he would never want you to know that… because he’s a tough boy.

Jeremy Stanley

Brooklyn, NY

Saint Augustine of Hippo was known for a famous saying: “The World is a book, & those who do not travel read only one page." If this is true, then Jeremy Stanley’s life is a library. In a typical year, he spends more time overseas than he does in his own home. He is rarely without a camera in his hand & a hundred pounds of gear on his back. Though he often carries a heavy weight, that has never stopped him from traveling to some of the furthest regions on Earth.

Jeremy’s work as a visual storyteller has taken him on a winding path that has stretched from the red carpets of Hollywood to the red dirt roads of Rwanda. There was that one time where he had to stand in place of a Decepticon in one of the Transformers movies. Then there was that other time when Kagame, the President of Rwanda, invited Jeremy to come visit him the next time he was in Kigali. A few years later, Jeremy would find himself leading a procession of Eastern Orthodox patriarchs & priests into the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, where they would all witness the Holy Fire shooting out of the tomb of Christ; this ancient, mysterious wildfire didn’t seem to burn anyone’s hands but melted the paint off the side of Jeremy’s camera. All this to say, Jeremy has seen a lot. And he has had the rare privilege of capturing some of the most obscure & sacred occasions to have ever graced this planet.

At the end of the day, Jeremy specializes in telling stories of hope & redemption rising through the ashes of conflict & destruction. You’ll never get anything sugar-coated or sentimental from him or his work, but you will always be left with a spark of hope. It’s the story of his life.

To see Jeremy’s work, check out his Instagram account & his website. And you can hear the story of the Holy Fire here.



Stephen Proctor

Portland, OR

(I hate writing bios in 3rd person, so I’m going to talk in 1st person now. <insert wink emoji> )

For the last 15 years, I’ve worked in the world of visual media, presentation design, concert VJ-ing, & projection mapping. Much of this work has been in the context of religious & liturgical settings, as well as music videos, corporate parties, dance parties & immersive concert experiences. I guess you could say that my main goal has been to bring dead PowerPoints to life.

Whether in a church, a warehouse, or a cave in Iceland, the visuals can make or break the experience. This is why I am constantly on the lookout for interesting images that I can use to illuminate a space. And when it comes to immersing an audience in imagery, not just any motion loop will do. In fact, most of the stock media on my hard drive doesn’t even seem to have much of an impact on audiences – not like they used to, at least. Or maybe they just don’t have much of an impact on me anymore; I do tend to get bored easily. This is one of the reasons I picked up droning, so that I could begin creating my own visuals to use in my events & concerts. Plus, I love flying!

The love of aviation runs deep in my family, as does projection in church settings. So it’s been fun to merge these two skillsets in a way that furthers the legacy & passions of my family. I’m still learning a lot, but I am very excited to be in a place where I can begin sharing some of my artwork with the rest of the world. And I am so honored to be able to do it with two of really close friends, Jeremy & Ryan.

You can follow me on Instagram if you like; I usually keep it focused on travel & live experiences. To see some of my work with projection art, check out ILLUMINATE.us.