Here are a few examples of our visuals being used in various projects,

ranging from conceptual music & lyric videos to immersive experiences illuminated by projection.



This is the most recent collaboration with composer Tony Anderson. To me, “Bloom” captures the vibrant essence of springtime. Yet instead of going with the predictable imagery of flowers & vegetation, I wanted the viewer to look upward & to see how creation is blooming all around us. I took both sets of cloud visuals (shot on the lower slopes of Haleakala on Maui), sped the footage up, added a teal/orange color filter, & returned to one of my favorite effects to apply to aerials: mirror & kaleidoscope. The result ended up being a very trippy, hypnotic aesthetic that I feel matches the music in wonderful & whimsical ways.

Featuring: Haleakaclouds & Haleakacloud Montage


The Brilliance sounds kind of like if The Beatles had a baby with a string quartet, & then that kid grew up to write liturgically-minded songs for prayer & protest. They took one of their earliest songs, “Breathe”, & rewrote the lyrics to celebrate Earth Day. And they wanted visuals of nature as a partner for the occasion. Our hope is that works of art like this plant seeds of justice in the heart of our culture, a culture that is seemingly confused & overwhelmed with the looming effects of climate change. To learn more about climate change, visit: Tearfund USA

Featuring: Glacial Zoom, Glacial River Veins, Glacier Flight, Wave After Wave, Tropical Shadowlines


This was another conceptual music video that I created for composer Tony Anderson. The title of this song, “Immersion”, led me to look for water scenes first. I struggle with leaning a bit literal sometimes, but once in a while that’s exactly what the invitation calls for. I wanted to evoke a sense of being pulled out of deep waters while the motion of the waves pulls you back in. To do this, I took a few ocean visuals & used a mirror effect that resulted in a hypnotic looking kaleidoscope of aquatic soundwaves that seemed to reflect the music.

Featuring: A Rising Tide, Wave After Wave, Rolling Waves & (an unreleased version of) Rocks & Waves


ONE SONIC SOCIETY (lyric video)

Nashville-based record label Provident Music Group reached out & licensed some of our aerial visuals we had shot in Iceland to create a lyric video for one of their artists One Sonic Society. They took a few more creative steps & boosted the exposure on the white waves & crushed the black sand beaches to result in a total monochromatic look. This gave us the inspiration to do the same, which resulted in the visual we call “Waves of Contrast” (as you can see featured in this video, alongside a few unreleased clips.)


This was a conceptual music video that I created for composer Tony Anderson. As imagined by C.S. Lewis in his Space Trilogy, the Oyarsa are angelic-like beings that live in the cosmos & are assigned to sing & watch over various planets. Tony’s musical intuition prompted him to bring in vocalist Timbre Cierpke, whose soprano voice flawlessly & hauntingly embodies the spirit of the Oyarsa. There’s something about Timbre’s voice that takes me to another world. And so I wanted to use the most alien-like surfaces & textures to represent this mysterious song sung over our Earth. These images of glaciers in Iceland seemed to fit just perfectly. Not long after shooting this, I discovered that this particular glacier tongue was the exact spot where Christopher Nolan filmed the scenes for Mann’s Planet in the movie Interstellar. And that’s just freaking cool.

Featuring: Glacier Zoom, Glacier Crawl, Iceberg Lake, Iceberg Flight, Glacier Glide, & Glacier Flight

YOUNG OCEANS (lyric video)

This was the first full video I ever edited since filming with drones. Young Oceans has always been a favorite liturgical band of mine, & I was in love with their song “This Wild Earth” the moment I heard it. Sometimes there are songs I hear that create an entire movie in my mind, & I can’t help but bring that vision into a reality. This was one such case. This was also when I first started experimenting with mirror & kaleidoscope effects on visuals, which created a pretty trippy result. I highly suggest you try it sometime!

Featuring: Gorgeous Flight, Nordic River, & lots of visuals we have yet to release







Our visuals have been specifically filmed, curated & edited with immersive experiences in mind. As a projection artist, I find that wrapping an entire audience in generic motion backgrounds does little for the imagination. And yet it is difficult to find interesting visuals that seem to do the trick. It’s one of the reasons I learned to drone & started seeking out beautiful & mesmerizing landscapes. In doing so, it’s changed the game for my world of projection, especially when I want to evoke feelings of awe & wonder at Creation. Here are just a few glimpses from past events that I was able to capture on my iPhone (while still VJ-ing, mind you!)

Featuring: Waves of Contrast, Glacial River Veins, Wave After Wave, Blackish Sand Waves, Rocks & Waves, & a few more we have yet to release

SONUS (Live performance)

Nashville-based choral collective SONUS, led by TIMBRE, performs “A Boy & a Girl” by Eric Whitacre while being immersed in blue waves crashing onto a black sand beach… in reverse.

Featuring: Blackish Sand Waves

SONUS (Live performance)

Nashville-based choral collective SONUS, led by TIMBRE, performs “The Heart’s Reflection” by Daniel Elder while a winding river spreading into multiple streams surrounds the voices.

Featuring: Nordic River