Our online shop is brand new. So we haven’t had a chance to collect any questions on any kind of frequent basis. But here are some questions we imagine that might be frequently asked, and at the very least, these are questions that we would like you all to have the answer to.

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What type of stock content site is this?

We specialize in providing long-play visual content that can be used in live events, especially in immersive environments where projection or large video walls are being used. We’ve tested this content in multiple live settings, including classical performances inside a cave, reflective spaces at creative conferences, arena-sized worship experiences, various church services & liturgies, choral concerts in warehouses, musical acts in clubs, & art festivals with massive LED video staging. We also filmed this content for projects like lyric videos, art films, documentaries, and the like. So it’s kind of a hybrid between a film stock site, a VJ/projection content site, & a church media site.


How do I download your content once I’ve purchased it?

When you make a purchase, you’ll be given a link to download a PDF. This link will expire within 24 hours of purchase, so download it ASAP. And save it for your records. The PDF will contain download links for the actual content, & those links do not expire.


What format does your visual content come in?

Each standard clip comes in two different sizes: 4K & full HD 1080p. Initially, most 4K clips will be 4096x2160 (1.9:1 ratio), though many future clips might come in 3840x2160 (1.78:1 ratio). Full HD clips are 1920x1080. We recommend 4K when editing, while Full HD 1080 is best for most live events using projection (unless you have a full 4K system).

4K clips run straight through, as it was originally shot, while the 1080 versions have been edited to create a seamless loop, which is crucial for live event projection & VJ-ing.

All clips have been exported as QuickTime .MOV using the H.264 codec, though some future clips will use H.265. We currently do not offer any other format options.


What does the licensing agreement for your content look like?

There are three different tiers of Licensing available:

Standard License for Non-Profits. Commercial/Non-Broadcast. & Broadcast for TV/Film.

If you’re a non-profit or religious organization, you’re in the clear as long as money isn’t being made using our content. If you’re a for-profit or commercial entity (even a band or artist wanting content for touring or lyric/music videos), you’ll need 1-2 additional Commercial Licenses, available here. Commercial Licenses are purchased in addition to the actual content, but it’s only a one-time flat fee & it covers any & all content purchased on our site.

To learn more about our licensing agreements, click here.


I’m not a non-profit entity but would like to use your visuals in a show or online. Do I have permission to do that?

Yes, but you will need an additional Commercial License or two to cover this. We have two Non-Broadcast Commercial Licenses available: Social Media/Web + Live Event/VJ

Non-Broadcast Commercial Licenses are currently $500 each & are purchased in addition to the actual content, but it’s only a one-time flat fee & it covers any & all content purchased on our site.


I work for a ministry. Do you offer any discounts?



What’s the average length of your clips?

We offer long-play style clips that average around 1 minute in length. However, many of our visuals exceed this & can range anywhere from 3-6 minutes in length!


I’d like to license your footage for TV Broadcast or a film I’m working on. How do I go about doing that?

We issue Custom Commercial Licenses For Broadcast on a case-by-case basis. To request this type of license, send us an email at licensing@illuminate.us or through the Contact Page. And we’ll hit you back with a quote.

In the email, be sure to include which specific piece of content you are interested in using, a description of the project, scope of use, deadline, & budget. On most occasions, we can also provide the original non-color-graded (flat) version of the clip in D-LOG format. Please allow 24-48 hours for a reply on all requests. We’ll get to it as fast as we can. In most cases, we’ll be able to provide a very quick turnaround, but if we’re filming inside the cinder cone of a volcano in a galaxy far, far away, it may take a few days. =)

We maintain the right to refuse any request without any explanation.


How often do you release new content?

As often as we can! However, we are not currently on any consistent or set schedule for releasing new visuals. So don’t expect a new volume to come out every month, as you may have come to expect from other media sites. Our team has been heavily involved in both the film & live event/touring industries for well over a decade, & the bulk of our work/income still comes from the freelancing world. We film & edit content for this site when we can, & much of that bandwidth is based on our travel & work schedules, which can be all over the place. But as we create new visuals, we’ll get them on this site as fast as possible. To stay in the loop about new releases, subscribe to the ILLUMINATE.us Newsletter or follow @sproctor on Instagram.


Do you offer any subscriptions?

While we know that subscription models works well for many stock content & media sites, it simply doesn’t work for us at this stage in our business. To offer a subscription means we would need to be more consistent with releasing new content, & as described in the previous question, that’s not a reality for us just yet. However, as our stock visuals business grows, this may change.

Another reason is because we value quality over quantity. And we believe that the art of curation invites us to be very selective & intentional about what we use in our projects. We want our community of artists to practice a high level of intentionality when it comes to curating visuals, which is one of the reasons we offer our products a la carte.

But for those eager to build up their library & save some moneys, we do offer – from time to time – a limited edition FULL LIBRARY product, which gives you access to the entire library at roughly half the cost.


Again, if we didn’t address your question, shoot us an email!