Creation Care

We are passionate about experiencing the beauty of creation & sharing this beauty with others. And we want to do our part in preserving this beauty for future generations to enjoy by fighting against climate change, which is also leading culprit in global poverty & famine. We’ve decided to partner with our friends at TearFund USA, a Christian non-profit devoted to ending global poverty by mitigating the looming effects of climate change.

We will donate 10% of all proceeds from this online store to TearFund’s work in practicing creation care. We invite you to join us in this practice.

Science without religion is lame, & religion without science is blind.
— Albert Einstein


Ok. We get it. “Global Warming” & “Climate Change” are hot buttons that gain a lot of skepticism from many, especially in religious circles. Or at the very least, it’s a subject that is rarely talked about & understood, especially in many theological contexts. And lately, it’s become an overwhelming issue that you mostly only hear from alarmists, protesters & politicians you probably don’t trust. Some believe climate change is man-made while others believe it’s caused by the natural order of things. No matter the case, our climate is rapidly changing at a rate we’ve never experienced, & we believe there is still time to do something about it. And at the very least, to prepare for its effects.

When it comes to facts & information, we trust the hard work of the science community. Though much of this conversation has been hijacked by political parties & candidates for a myriad of reasons, we believe that all human beings share responsibility in being good stewards of our resources & taking care of our planet. We can all do things on a small scale that affect our every day lives, but we also need to act on a national & global scale as a society & human race to prevent things from getting worse. It’s not too late.

When it comes to truth & morality, we look to the Holy Scriptures for guidance. Since the beginning of our time on Earth, we have been charged with being caretakers of God’s Creation. As Christians, we want to join God in Their ongoing work of redemption & restoration of all creation, which includes all that They have made & continue to make. We believe God’s heart is for compassion & justice, & we want to embody that in our art. To learn more, check out this article: “Stopping Climate Change Is a Part of Following Jesus”

With science & scripture going hand-in-hand, we see both an invitation & a responsibility to care for creation in every way possible.



The more we travel, the more we are convinced that our home planet is more beautiful & interesting than anything we’ve ever imagined. Have you ever looked out the window during a flight & marveled at the wonder below you? Does it ever give you a certain feeling & perspective on life? Many astronauts refer to this as the “overview effect”. It’s an experience they have when entering space for the first time.

Think about that feeling you may get while flying. Now imagine what it must be like to look down on Earth from the International Space Station or the Moon. If you’ve ever followed astronauts or NASA on social media, you can see what they see: multiple intricate works of art passing by as they orbit the planet. Sometimes it doesn’t even look real, as if some artist came by & took too much creative license when rendering images of nature from above.

The fact is, our planet is a true work of art. And you don’t have to go into space to experience it either (though I’m sure there’s no substitute, not by a long shot!) But the other fact is, much of this beauty will disappear if we don’t fight against climate change & take better care of our planet.

Part of the motivation of practicing creation care is preserving the beauty of our earth for future generations to enjoy. Our hope is that the visuals on this site capture a glimpse of this profound, earthly beauty, & for that beauty to inspire all of us to live richer & fuller lives that are filled with awe & wonder & imagination. Beauty may not be a basic need when it comes to survival, but it’s definitely a basic need when it comes to living a life of meaning, purpose, & love.



I once heard an explanation of the difference between compassion & justice. That if compassion is rescuing people from drowning in a river, then justice is going upstream to figure out why people are being thrown into the river & doing something about it.

Through our friends at TearFund, we have discovered that one of the leading culprits of global poverty & famine is climate change. This isn’t just a problem in the future, it’s a problem affecting the lives of millions of people today. Already, farmers in many regions are seeing their crops fail. Coastal villages & towns are beginning to flood, causing waves of “climate refugees” to migrate. Not to mention an increase in hurricanes & storms plaguing & devastating communities all over the world.

Of course we want to do something about the very present need. Relief work & aide is such important work for immediate & urgent needs. We also believe in thinking ahead to prevent catastrophes & crises from happening down the road. This requires a bit of a futuristic imagination & working towards a goal that we will probably never reach in our own lifetime.

Yes. It’s hard, confusing, & a bit overwhelming, but we believe we can climb this giant mountain one step at a time. Not for us, but for those effected today, & for those who will be affected in the years to come.


To hear more about the “overview effect” & climate change,

listen to this episode of The Liturgists Podcast.


TearFund works in THREE areas:



The local church around the world has enormous & often untapped potential to transform their local communities. CCT is a process which empowers churches to unlock the potential of individuals & whole communities to overcome poverty – both physical & spiritual.


TearFund is committed to a world where everybody has enough to live on, where our natural environment is kept safe so it can flourish, & where the world’s wealth & resources are more fairly shared.


Fragile States are places that are extremely vulnerable to natural or man-made disasters but have limited capacity to cope with the consequences of such events. It is thought that 60 percent of the world’s poorest people will live in Fragile States by 2030, making them a priority for us.